How much is EA tax?

For any card you sell on FIFA Ultimate Team, EA takes a 5% tax. This is done in order to slow down the inflation. Daily there are millions of coins made through games and Fifa Points which needs to go somewhere or else there will be too many coins around. EA slows down inflation of coins with this tax and the packs.

Let's say you sell a player for 27.500 coins. Although the buyer pays 27.500 coins you will receive only 26.125 coins, the rest of 1375 coins just disappear.

How Ea Tax Calculator works?

Ea Tax Calculator is very easy to use:
1. Enter buying amount (or just leave empty if you got it in a pack)
2. Enter selling amount

The calculator will then show you 3 things:
1. The number of coins you make for that sale
2. The number of coins lost with the tax
3. A price suggestion for which you should try to buy or snipe that card and still make a profit.

Number 3 is actually the reason I made this calculator. Consider this scenario: Gabriel Jesus is a very popular player in FIFA 18. At the time of writing this, his normal card's minimum "buy now" price is 14.500 coins on the PS4 market. Let's say we want to make some quick coins, we don't want to wait for too long so we will sell it for 14.000 coins. In order to make some minimum profit, the calculator suggests to buy it for less than 13.000 coins. For any card that we manage to buy for 13.000 or bellow, we make a profit of 300 coins or more.

How to use this tool on Android or iOS?


1. Open in Google Chrome
2. From options menu choose Add to Home Screen
3. Name it how you want (by default it's named FUT Tax)
4. Tap ADD
That's it. Now you have it on the home screen like any other app. The only difference is that you need to be connected to the internet to use it. If you can't find it on the home screen it may be in the app drawer.


1. Open Safari on your iPhone or iPad
2. Navigate to
3. Tap on the share button (looks like a box with an arrow pointing upwards)
4. Scroll the bottom row of icons and choose Add to Home Screen
5. Name it how you want (by default it's named FUT Tax)
6. Tap ADD